About Us - Ascend Capital Partners
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Who We Are

Founded by two Wall Street professionals in 2002 with the goal of making companies successful by helping them raise capital and improve their management standards. This was done by taking an active role in running these companies (at the Board level and operationally) and helping to secure strategic partnerships.

Over USD 100 million in assets generated from successful investments in China, and more recently in Europe. All invested funds come from our partners; no 3rd party money is managed. Since the partners are investing their own capital, they are dedicated to make their investments successful.

Led by Monita Mo, one of the founders and a serial entrepreneur. Our partners have decades of experience across a wide range of industries and geographical regions. All investment partners have done business in Asia and bring an extensive network of contacts for our investments. Additionally, they have started, managed, and sold businesses and understand the challenges involved.

See the need to share more developed technology to other markets, especially in China, where growth opportunities may be greater. That is why we are currently focusing on companies in Europe and other developed markets that have unique technologies that can be commercialized in their home markets, Asia, and the US.