How we invest - Ascend Capital Partners
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How We Invest

We invest between the angel and institutional round when a product has been developed and revenue is being generated.

We create value for our investments by:

  • Deploying capital to commercialize and market products/services;
  • Securing revenue generating deals and building strategic customers/partnerships;
  • Utilizing our partners and their networks to secure and foster valuable working relationships;
  • Advising on M&A deals;
  • Helping to hire more people (R&D, sales, marketing); and
  • Securing a meaningful minority shareholder stake in our investments – enough to occupy a Board seat.

Take a very active operational role because our partners are investing their own capital and are committed to value creation and success for their investments.

  • Work with the company to develop a business plan/structure and determine go-to-market strategy.
  • Develop a business plan together with the entrepreneurs which includes milestones, resourcing needed, and a detailed financial budget. We allocate a full-time resource to help the company manage and track to these milestones.
  • Check-in and provide support for our investments via periodic management meetings and Board of Director meetings.
  • Our partners reach into their extensive network of contacts to provide the investee companies support related to business development, technical expertise, and production support. We also retain consultants with industry-specific knowledge who can also help to secure strategic partnerships or provide expertise.
  • Actively help to raise the next round of fundraising at a favorable valuation for all parties.

Our West-East Strategy

  • Deep interest in high-technology companies in Europe and Western countries that have commercial potential internationally, especially in the Chinese, European and US markets. Our initial focus has been on Finland and Germany due to their deep pools of talent.
  • Emphasize companies whose products/services can be applied in the biotech, healthcare, and automotive industries.
  • Invest in a “cluster” of companies that have similar or complimentary product/services to leverage these investments and create additional business opportunities. We strive to make 1 + 1 = 3.

Further Financing

We help the company to raise the next round of financing based on the company’s needs, ensuring a good valuation to benefit all shareholders.