Alan Powrie - Ascend Capital Partners
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Alan Powrie

Alan Powrie

Alan Powrie has helped over a dozen companies raise over USD 5 billion in the global markets; first as a partner of Deloitte Hong Kong, then subsequently as an independent director of companies in China. The amounts raised range from under USD 10 million to over USD 1 billion.

He has been advising companies and private investors of all sizes on reporting and financial matters for over 40 years and has worked in the UK, Hong Kong, China, Germany, Indonesia and the US.

When he started with Deloitte Hong Kong it had 85 employees by the time he retired as Board member overseeing the firm’s growth it had 2000 in Hong Kong and 1000 in China. He built the Macau office to a leading position and was active in Beijing helping the development of that office.

While in Beijing, he started to help Monita Mo 20 years ago in her Chinese investments. He lead the utilities team as well as spending over 25 years in the telecommunications industry and handled all offerings and registrations with the US SEC. His career with Deloitte was started in the automotive industry serving GM and Uniroyal.

He graduated in law from the University of Edinburgh, then qualified as a Scots chartered accountant.