David Oliver - Ascend Capital Partners
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David Oliver

David Oliver

David Oliver has over 20 years’ experience of doing business in China and the Asian region.

As employee number 40 at Alibaba, now one of the world’s largest ecommerce companies, he headed up business development initiatives in Europe, India and around SE Asia. Originally from a farming background in New Zealand, he has also co-founded an online games company and still has a company importing and distributing products into China.

David has known Monita Mo for over 15 years and has previously worked with Ascend on a meat company acquisition in New Zealand.

In addition to his work with Ascend, he has acted as a consultant in a range of industries including online games, agriculture, sports marketing and technology products, and has maintained a network of contacts across all of these industries.

Business development is one of his strengths including the ability to identify potential partners and close deals.