Heikki Tarvainen - Ascend Capital Partners
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Heikki Tarvainen

Heikki Tarvainen

Heikki Tarvainen has over 23 years of sales, marketing and business development experience in German speaking countries and Asia.

Heikki is a senior mobile industry business leader specialized in internationalization strategies, and sales and marketing channel development of products and solutions to operator, distribution and retail channels.

During his professional career he has worked 15 years with leading telecommunication Company Nokia, including roles as Managing Director of Nokia Germany, and Nokia Austria and Switzerland, and Vice President Marketing EMEA.

In addition, he has also acted as a management consultant with experience in leadership team development and coaching, internationalization strategies and deployment, and acting in interim management roles. References include assignments as an external Managing Director for small and medium size companies.

Heikki has lived, worked and/or studied in Germany, Singapore, Austria, Finland, UK (London) and the US.