Monita Mo - Ascend Capital Partners
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Monita Mo

Monita Mo

Monita Mo is a serial entrepreneur who started 3 successful companies, including Ascend Capital Partners. She is a Hong Kong native with a professional career in Arthur Andersen NY. After 9 years with Arthur Anderson, she founded her own accounting firm in NY in 1992.

With rising levels of Chinese commercial activities, she founded the second company, Ascend Capital Partners in Beijing in 2002.

As China food safety issue became an increasing concern, she and her husband started Best Genetics Group with the objective of producing safe pork for Chinese consumers. The company produces healthy breeding pigs with the least amount of antibiotics so that the entire production chain can benefit with quality livestock and achieve the most economic results.

She believes that businesses need to start from solving a social problem. Entrepreneurs should have a strong social responsibility mindset and have a big heart to build a good team.